Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at CSUChico outreach/class

In an effort to raise awareness of some censored issues, increase activism, and remind other members of our community about the Chico Peace & Justice Center, I conducted my third class entitled "Censorship in the USA" yesterday.  We had a good group, ten, attentive participants that made it through my 45 minute presentation that included Power Point, a little video ("Why do we need 800 military bases overseas?"), show cards, mini Peace Panels, and hand outs.  I got a modest applause at the end and a robust Q&A.  The next and final class for the season in, Chico, is next Tuesday at 3 pm in Gordon 2 behind Craig Hall.  All are welcome at no charge.  Come on down.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Campaign Nonviolence

The Chico Chapter of Campaign Nonviolence had our first action at the "Hands" today. It was a brainstorming session about issues important to us like homelessness, the environment, police, government and others. We were well received. Many people took the time to fill our panels with their ideas. We gave out free watermelon and flyers about free trees; made many good connections. We had a "penny poll". It was an easy way for people to engage with others and share ideas. Time well spent.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Chico Tree Advocates

Chico Tree Advocates were on the job yesterday! [9-24-15]  Jacob and Charles planted 4 Valley Oaks within spitting distance of E. 1st Ave. and Mildred Ave. Yippee! 4 more large native trees in the Avenues! Yea! Future shade.  

I see planting trees as an important part of the Peace Panel Project.   Research has shown neighborhoods with trees are more peaceful than those without.  

Monday, September 21, 2015

Touch of Chico

Peace Panel Project, and Chico Tree Advocates exhibited at "Touch of Chico" last Sunday.  What a hoot!

Great food, great music, belly dancers, massage under the pines, it was great.

Paradise Chapter of Career Builders

The Paradise Chapter of Career Builders / counter recruitment had their first event, tabling, at "Back to School Night" at Paradise High School recently.  Hooray for Sue and her friends that thought enough of the kids in her community to offer them alternatives to the military.  The event went well.  May there be may more.

Chico High Career Night

Career Builders / counter recruitment, Camille and Charles, were on the job at Chico High's Career Night. Showing the students and parents programs to do after high school for free or for money besides the military. We were well received and went through a lot of brochures. Got a lot of "thank yous

" from the crowd. A night well spent. Thank you to Chris for coming by

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Celebrating Community

The Peace Panel Project / Chico Tree Advocates and Diane talking FREE TREES, and tickets to the Chico Peace & Justice Center Annual Dinner a the Farmers Market.