Saturday, March 25, 2017

Simplicity Village hits the Farmers' Market

We introduced a new Simplicity Village Peace Panel today.  A more simple and punchy Panel for walking traffic.  With three Panels on the homeless issue we are getting focused.  The musician next to me even played "Gimmie Shelter" by the Stones.  That was great!  And we got eleven new sign-ups from people who want to help Simplicity Village come to fruition!  And we started accepting donations!  It was a good day.

Environmental Coalition Community Gathering 2017

The Women's Club was a bustle of environmentalists, appetizers and music.  We were there promoting Chico Tree Advocates, (CTA).  Thanks to all who contributed.  We got ten more volunteer sign-ups for CTA!  And we finally lined up some video help for Career Builders!  It was a fun time.

I didn't think to take this photo until the end and most people had left.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Chico's emergency shelters are full and turning away homeless people.  I saw Patty sleeping on a sidewalk.  Our recent "Point in Time" survey of the housing challenged talked to 1800 people.  Chico's vacancy rate is 1%.  It's time to call our City Councilors and ask them to declare a "Shelter Crisis".  That could expedite several ways to help address our homeless issue.

Chico Housing Action Team has been able to get about 25 formerly homeless people into housing.  We are working to establish a tiny home village.  We need volunteers.  If you have an hour a week and would like more satisfaction in your life, call Charles 530-518-1417.

The question really is, "How long will we
allow them to suffer, until we decide that they are worthy of help?"  And the answer will say more about us than it does about them.