Saturday, May 25, 2013

Farmer's Market

The Peace Panel Project made a showing on the northeast corner of the Saturday Farmer's Market. We had Panels up about drones, the Delta tunnels, GTMO, and "What Can I Do?". We got to chant with the anti Monsanto demonstration that concluded on our corner. Great fun!  Then headed over to join the Chico Peace Vigil.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Chico Youth Action Counter Recruitment Event

Chico Youth Action Counter Recruitment and the Peace Panel Project volunteers were on the job this Friday passing out blueberries and brochures out in front of Pleasant Valley High School.  Offering students information that the recruiter may fail to mention like record high suicide rates; record high sexual assault rates; broken benefit promises.  The Pleasant Valley students, we saw, were less interested in our information than the Chico High students were.  I'm thinking they had never tasted ripe blueberries before.  Still, we connected with a fair number of students. Many thanks to Janine, Chuck, and Courtnie for making it possible.  It was a good day.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Obama promised hearings for GTMO detainees in 2006

Monday morning The Guantanamo Peace Panel met rush hour traffic at the corner of Vallombrosa and Mangrove.  Obama promised hearings; He promised to close it; now many hunger strikers are fed through a tube stuffed down their nose.  It is bloody; its painful; it is inhumane.  Time to speak out!  The Supreme Court has ruled that the detainees get a hearing.  And still they wait.  GTMO is unconstitutional.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Chico Youth Action Counter Recruitment event

This last Friday saw Chuck Greenwood, Courtnie Burns, Beth Sisk and I, two doors down from Chico High School catching the lunch crowd on their way downtown and back.  Armed with nine different brochures and flyers, three kinds of brownies, and thirteen (24" x 48") of our big exhibit panels we made a good impression.  "Brochures...brownies", we would call out, and sure enough we were able to attract the attention of many military age high school students and get them information they wouldn't get from a recruiter.  It was a good day.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bike Week 2013

The Peace Panel Project had an exhibit at the Chico Downtown City Plaza for Bike Week last Thursday.  I pedaled the panels downtown and set up a bit of an environmental show.  Bill Mash was kind enough to take this photo.  And he did an interview with me, see  Bike riding and the Better World Shopping Guide were popular topics.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Endangered Species Faire 2013

The Peace Panel Project unveiled it's environmental exhibit at this year's Endangered Species Faire.  Including Panels promoting bicycling, The Delta tunnels issue, 2 on Fracking, Better World Shopping and others.  We got a great response from passers by.  We introduced the Delta tunnels issue to a leading local lawyer who offered to underwrite some TV time to get this issue out in front!  Robyn, of BEC, was thrilled!  It was a good day.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

CSU Chico 5-1-13

First day of May, and The Peace Panel Project was out "in force" at CSU Chico.  A bit breezy but we had a great showing of 36 large Panels.  Chuck and I collected contact info from a dozen people who wanted to help!  Heck, a dozen is all Jesus had.  We had a great day talking to students and enjoying the day.  Chuck left his special water bottle and carrying case on the hood of the truck when he went back to get the sandbags.  He thought for sure it would be gone when I went back to the truck an hour later.  But low and behold when I arrived at the truck there it was right where he left it!  The world is a safer place than we thought.  One of our other victories was that we got the AS Bookstore the order in a box each of "Better World Shopping Guide", Nonviolent Communication, and Project Censored 2013!  That is a huge victory in our efforts to spread the good words found in those pages.

Just a reminder, for a summary of any of those books just scroll down and click on older posts.  We have featured each of those books in the past and continue to offer them at 10% OFF the marked price.  Those books have the why and how to disconnect from multinational corporations.

Taking NVC on the Radio

This morning Charles took Nonviolent Communication (NVC) on the radio.  We took the early time slot, Live Local Talk with Jerry Olenyn.  He is a very professional radio host and we had a great time going over some of the basics of NVC.  Find them on line at