Saturday, August 29, 2015

Trees For Kids

The Peace Panel Project was pitching “trees for kids” at the Farmer's Market this last Saturday. Underneath the old magnolia tree we introduced people to Better World Shopping Guide, Project Censored, Ruses for War, Nonviolent Communication and Chico Tree Advocates. We sold some books and handed out brochures. We even sold a Chico Peace & Justice Center raffle ticket for a Mexican Getaway, for the drawing at the Annual Dinner October 16. The highlight of the day was when my daughter, Camille, came by with mini cup cakes for peace. The booth was a lot more popular as long as they lasted.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Farmer's Market 8-8-15

We had a good day at the Farmer's Market.  Sold some books, signed up some Tree  Advocate volunteers and were serenaded by some great musicians.  We featured Chico Tree Advocates (and handed out Annie B quarter sheets) Non Violent Communication,  Ruses for War, and Better World Shopping Guide.  Inspired some activism.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Desmond Tutu

Chico Tree Advocates at the Farmer's Market 8-1-15

The Peace Panel Project featured Chico Tree Advocates (CTA), at the Farmer's Market, to launch our Annie B's fund raising drive, today with a new graphic.  Other Panels we exhibited included "Housing Saves Lives",  "Ruses for War", "Better World Shopping Guide" and "Project Censored".  We lined up two new Crew Leaders for CTA Fall planting, sold a couple of books and were serenaded by Brenda's harp music.   We got interviewed by a local independent TV reporter and connected with many new people.  It was a good day.