Thursday, October 31, 2013

University of Nevada Reno 2013 exhibit

It was a crisp clear and sunny fall morning at University of Nevada at Reno, when I set up the full exhibit: all 12 easels fully loaded with 3 Panels each and the table.  I was able to set up with plenty of room in between each easel so people could walk between them and see all 3 Panels.  There were other groups with tables set up nearby so the traffic was good.  I got some donations; gave some books away; handed out a lot of brochures about Better World Shopping, Project Censored, Ruses for War, and Nonviolent Communication.  I got interviewed twice by a couple of charming reporters.  A history teacher came up and thanked me sincerely for the Patriotism Panel.  He said he's been trying to teach that idea to students for years and he appreciated the way we articulated the idea on the Panel.  Some students took pictures of the Panels.  A woman from Romania thanked me and expressed her concern over what she had seen of US imperialism in Europe.  A guy from Cameroon came by twice thanking me and made a donation.  He said, "Bless you".  It was a good day.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

It is about time!

You Have Control

This Panel has been brewing in my mind for a time.  I'm happy to get it out in time for the upcoming UNR exhibit next Wednesday.  Updated 11/30/13.