Sunday, September 18, 2016

Diversity Festival in Paradise

The Diversity Festival in Paradise was fun.  Nick, Jistin and I represented Alternatives to Violence, the Peace Panel Project and the Chico Peace & Justice Center.  We got to see Hmong dancers, listened to great music and some good food and I ended up with a great apple pie.   We set up seven easels that were well received.  We tabled next to the Ridge Coalition for Peace & Justice, Stonewall Alliance and Catalyst were also there.

Check out the write up we got in the Paradise Post:

Chico Hi Career Day

Career Builders counter recruitment was on the job Tuesday, 9/13/16, at the Chico High School “Career Fair”. We talked to so many students and parents it might have been our best event yet. Thanks to Sue G. and Sue M. from the Ridge Coalition for Peace & Justice for their help in lining up our table at the event and bringing their Career Builder stand up exhibit and so many brochures. They brought the “Opt Out” forms that many took advantage of and many other hand outs that sparked some great discussions.

We had a table (not far from several military recruiters) and all three of us were busy talking to high school seniors and their parents probably 70% of the time from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

We had six stand up exhibits, we set up in a corner spot, by an exit, that turned out to have a lot of traffic. Many of the people who stopped by our table expressed gratitude to us for our being there. As we left a woman walked by and said, “Thank you guys so much for being here and sharing your information.” We got the feeling that we were doing a good thing.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


The Peace Panel Project was on Main Street today, 9/11/16. Didn't want to let the anniversary pass without a little reminder of the truth. We brought a small contribution to Patrick Newman's "Friends On The Street" event that was happening as usual Sundays at 3 pm. About 30 people took advantage of the generosity. Pat and others brought boxes of apples, sandwiches, waters, toiletries and many other items. These were two goals I really wanted to accomplish: participate in Friends on the Street and set up the Peace Panels in front of the big military granite monuments of the Plaza.