Monday, June 30, 2014

Farmer's Market Exhibit

We had a great exhibit last Saturday at the Farmer's Market.  Book sales were up, I handed out many flyers and brochures about Project Censored and Better World Shopping Guide, we signed up seven new Chico Tree Advocates and had some great conversations.  One couple came up and pointed to the Better World Shopping Guide, (BWSG), Peace Panel and exclaimed, "We were just thinking, somebody needs to write a book like this!"  I introduced them to BWSG and they were thrilled.  And they bought a book!  It was a good day.  About 12:15 pm I packed up and pedaled the PPP over to the Chico Peace Vigil on Third and Main and stood for peace for an hour; Handed out more flyers; connected with people.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Special Peace Vigil

The Chico Peace Vigil had a good turn out this Saturday, 6/21/14

. The Peace Panel Project was there, on three corners. Sixteen or more people encouraging people to oppose the new war in Iraq. Call the President Monday (202-456-1111)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Farmer's Market June 14th, 2014

This exhibit focused on Better World Shopping, how every dollar is a vote.  I tell people,"Republican or democrat, I don't think that vote makes much difference anymore, but when you spend a dollar, that makes a difference".  And Censored 2014, the secrets of the one percent.  I love my new headline "Info You Can Use, Instead of Info Using You!"
 There was some great music next the Peace Panel exhibit.  We sold some books.  It was a good day!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Farmer's Market 6-7-14

The more effective exhibit has fewer elements.  So that makes it easier to pack on the bicycle cart!  Today I biked in only ten Panels (and four easels) all about What You Can Do, the
Media, Project Censored.  I brought the hand-outs and brochures for Career Builders, Chico Tree Advocates, Better World Shopping, 9/11 and some peace buttons.  And the biggest thing that happened was we got another tree sponsor!  I need to bring the Chico Tree Advocate Panel next time.  Do you recognize these Farmer's Market shoppers?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Farmer's Market and the Peace Vigil

I was so excited about my new "Burma Shave" technique, I couldn't wait to get out to the Farmer's Market, this last Saturday May 31.  First Panel, "Get information you can use"...Second Panel, "instead of"... Third Panel, "information using you."  Forth Panel "CENSORED 2014".  I loved it!    And it worked we got some attention, handed out some flyers and sold some books.  I think corporate control of the media is a big, often overlooked, issue hanging up the Progressive agenda.
Then I folded up the Peace Panel Project and pedaled it over to the Chico Peace Vigil, longest running Peace Vigil in the Country.  We got a good reaction from most people going by.  It was a good day.