Friday, May 30, 2014

Chico High School Career Builders counter recruitment

We had been frustrated going through the proper channels bringing our exhibit and message to Chico High School.  After lawyer letters and talking to the Principal and two sanctioned scheduled visits we had only talked to a few (maybe three) students!  So after the last visit on campus we took a vote and decided to go back to our original location two doors south on a neighbor's front lawn.  We set up today at 11:11 am and caught the lunch crowd headed for downtown the cafes.  It was me, Michael, Alfa, and about 12:12 pm Peter showed up with a bag full of cookies!  We were  with able to contact around sixty students with our Career Builder / counter recruitment brochures and cookies.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Chico's Endangered Species Faire 2014

The Peace Panel Project was at the 2014 Endangered Species Faire.

Tony stopped by and helped and thank you to Jack Fisher, who kindly took the photos.
We sold some raffle tickets for CPJC, some old Chico posters and a few copies of the Better World Shopping Guide.  Juan and Alpha came by and volunteered some help.  Thank you guys so much.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Valley Tour Spring 2014 (pt 3) Stockton

I got to Delta College in Stockton early on that (5/1/14) Thursday morning.  Checked in with Tina, the Facilities Coordinator got a special parking pass and I was in.  My location, the Joe Serna Amphitheater is great!  It is in the shade; plenty of traffic; great brick benches all around; a koi pond; beautiful.  Sold several books; passed out GMO Action Alerts; and quarter sheets for the local Peace & Justice Network of San Joaquin County (P&JN); put up the fewest Panels yet, only 10.  I have observed that too many panels are overwhelming.  People don’t have a lot of time.  So from now on I’m making the exhibit just what can be seen in a few minutes.  It’s more approachable that way. 

I sold a copy of NVC to Marilyn, who was part of the team who just got a community radio station up and running.  She mentioned Leticia who is working on organizing a big Stockton Peace Festival.  She might want the Peace Panels there.

One guy, in a hurry, came up and bought one of every book I had! 

Sitting in the Amphitheater, watching the students walk by, it hit me.  I had forgotten my Advertising 101 rule number one, stress the benefit!  Here I was with panels that failed to headline the benefits.  What a great epiphany!  The Peace Panels are going to get so much better!  I started sketching and brainstorming right then.   I’m excited about a new generation of much more effective Peace Panels. 

After packing up from the Delta College exhibit it is just about a two block drive to the other side of campus to the P&JN Peace Vigil Thursdays 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm on Pacific Avenue near Yokuts Ave.  There I leaned up the “A LOT OF YOUR TAXES MAKE WAR” Panel on one tree and then the “HOW MUCH OF YOUR TIME MAKES PEACE?” Panel on the next tree; then, an equal distance south I held up the “SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PEACE GROUP” Panel and had my own Burma Shave sequence of signs set up; visible to the southbound traffic on Pacific Avenue.  Smiling and waving I got a lot of drivers smiling and waving back.  Soon the P&JN regulars showed up and our ranks swelled to nine.  Sue invited me to their meeting that night, I offered her left over quarter sheets of P&JN and some Career Builders brochures I had been handing out and respectfully declined.  We made plans for future meetings but, after three days on the road, I was coming home tonight; having learned a lot and gained in inspiration

Valley Tour Spring 2014 (part 2) MJC

The Peace Panel Project MJC Spring exhibit got an announcement in the morning daily Modesto Bee that Wednesday.  I was stoked as I pulled into Modesto Junior College 8 am;  checked in with Brenda, V.P. of Student Services and set up six easels and eighteen Panels.  It turned out to be finals week!  So traffic was way down from a week ago.  Still I sold some books and handed out a lot of flyers; educated some kids to GMOs and had a half sheet Action Alert with phone numbers for them to call Legislators on the issue.  I told them that this was their opportunity to participate in government; hassle a legislator.  : )   : )

I was in touch with the Modesto Peace/Life Center and offered to hand out their flyers at CSUS and MJC.  They said they didn’t have any ready to go, so I offered to put some together for them.  John and James sent me some files and I was able to get their ok on a final brochure to print and pass out at the events.

I got real interest from some students who firmly shook my hand and thanked me.  One student who came by said he heard about it on Facebook!  One recounted an article he had read recently, that reasoned that we no longer live in a democracy, but an oligarchy.  He explained how he took the article to his government class and the teacher read highlights of it to the entire class and how his professor agreed with the article’s conclusion! 

A homeless guy came by and thanked me for a Career Builders brochure.  

A very fit Hispanic guy came by just when I needed help.  He seemed interested as I untied the ramp so I showed him how to do a clove hitch and let him do one for practice.  When the cart was loaded I offered to pay him.  He said, “No, I’m good” And gave me a big smile as he departed. 

Peace Panel Project Valley Tour Spring 2014 (part 1)

Arrived at California State University Stanislaus, Turlock, Tuesday, 4/29/14, at 8:30 am, met with the lady from Student Leadership and Development and she walked us to our spot to set up.  Senior, Dalton Fitzgerald helped me set up the seven easels and 20, 2’ x 4’ Peace Panels.  No sales were allowed, so I offered to mail books to those who inquired; handed out brochures and flyers about nonviolent communication, Ruses for War, Project Censored, Better World Shopping and Career Builders / counter recruitment. I got sincere gratitude from the international students that stopped by. 

A woman who had come by earlier came back in the afternoon with her daughter, who picked up a Career Builder brochure.  We discussed a couple of the Career Builders programs and they were very thankful.  The college age daughter said she had been learning welding and was considering joining the military, but now she wanted to check out the California Conservation Corps!  She seemed relieved to have some options.  

Another student came by, looked at the Career Builders Panel, picked up a brochure from the holder and actually jumped, upon seeing the options, and exclaimed, “This is what I’ve been looking for!”

At the end of the day, a very tan, young man offered to watch my stuff while I brought the truck around and he helped me get the cart of Panels and easels up the ramp and into the truck. We got that done, and as we parted he hollered, “More power to you!”  And I felt it.