Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Exhibit at the 2013 Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Here we are at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival, "WHERE ACTIVISM GETS INSPIRED", (of Nevada City).  It was neat!  We got to meet one of the "Beale 5".  I think she was an official of the W&SFF, she had on a name badge like some other folks there.  I showed her the Panel about Drones and the signatures on the back, of the demonstrators who were at Beale Air Force Base that day, (including Toby Blome of Code Pink) and she said pointing to another signature, and said, "That one's mine."  Wow, a celebrity in our midst!  That was fun to talk to her about the story of her arrest and defense.  Then we got to talk to Kelly who was running a wine bar across the street and she had a story of when she was at a demonstration with Medea Benjamin of Code Pink.  That was fun hearing her story.
We exhibited 28 large panels; 30 small (8" x 18") panels our table and cart.  We were well received; talked to a lot of people, handed out dozens of flyers; promoted the local peace group. It was cold, but a good amount of viewers checked out the Project.  A day well spent.

Monday, January 7, 2013

We have been lied into Permanent War

What Can You Do?  Go to and sign the petition to cut military spending in half.
Ask your Congressman why support drones that appear to be unconstitutional?  See DemocracyNow!     1/7/13 headline about the judge's "Alice in Wonderland" ruling.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Danger for Democracy

Media Consolidation, powerful profit interests, the repeal of our Fairness Doctrine, are three forces that are a danger to our ability to make informed political choices.  They are a clear and present danger to democracy.  Other countries have more freedom of the press than we do.  As Walter Lippmann said, "All that the sharpest critics of democracy have alleged is true, if there is no steady supply of trustworthy and relevant news.  Incompetence, corruption, and ultimate disaster, must come to any people which is denied an assured access to the facts."   Let's reinstate the U.S. Fairness Doctrine of 1986.