Saturday, November 30, 2013

Chico Tree Advocates

We are forming a local group to help
our urban forest with these four goals:
1.  Establishment of a new citizen and certified
      arborist committee to monitor and consult on
      issues of the urban forest.
2.  Better citizen notification before the removal
      of significant trees.
3.  Enforcement of current Municipal codes that
      protect and promote trees.
4.  Plant more trees.

Chico Hero's Exhibit at the Farmers Market and the Peace Vigil

After being named a Chico Hero for 2013, I had to put together an exhibit for this Saturday's Farmers Market and Peace Vigil.  We made new 2' x 4' Peace Panels for the Chico Tree Advocates; Career Builders and 3 Things You Control, to show off.  Photos show the Farmers Market we were at in the morning.  Then at noon I packed up the Peace Panels on my bike trailer and peddled them of to the Chico Peace Vigil on Third St. & Main from 12:30 to 1:30 pm.

 We got a page and a half of volunteer signatures and reconnected with many friends.  It was a good day!

One of Chico's Heros

Peace Panel Project creator, Charles Withuhn, was named as one of Chico's Heros for 2013 and got his picture on the cover!  (Not the turkey.)  Withuhn attracted the attention of the editors with the formation of
Chico Tree Advocates to press for the protection and planting of more trees in Chico.

Each year, around Thanksgiving time, the CN&R editors select a handful of individuals who have shown to be exemplary when it comes to giving back to the community without expecting anything in return.
Butte County certainly has a lot of people to be thankful for, so it wasn’t easy narrowing the cast of worthy nominees into this year’s picks for Local Heroes. But the result is a diverse group of honorees who have devoted countless hours, sometimes under great pressure, to make a difference in the community.