Saturday, March 22, 2014

Eva Bartlett, human rights and justice activist event in Chico

Last Monday night we were pleased to enjoy the thoughtful and dramatic presentation of Eva Bartlett, human rights and justice activist.  The Unitarian Church was packed.  She had a wonderful command of the events she witnessed in Gaza, where she lived for a number of months.  With all the bombing and shooting of innocent civilian Palestinians by the Israelis, she was lucky to get out alive.  She said what ever activism we are doing ...keep it up or do more.  It is important work.  The lack of justice for Palestinians diminishes our justice.  She was charming and well spoken and had amazing photos and video of her experiences.  She is a member of the International Solidarity Movement, like Rachel Corrie. She was inspiring. It was a good night.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Environmental Coalition Gathering 2014

The Butte Environmental Council hosted the Environment Coalition Gathering this last Friday.  Attended by something on the order of 25 local environmental groups and the Peace Panel Project's, Chico Tree Advocates was there.  It was one of the better speeches I ever delivered.  I finished to a rousing applause; as I walked back to my table, Robyn said "Powerful".  And Lucas of the Sacramento River Preservation Trust said I "rocked the house".  Got some brochures out and got some volunteers signed up.  It was a good night.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tour de Ed 2014

The overcast did not dampen the spirits of the Tour de Ed participants.  Bike riders came from all over to enjoy the day; have a good ride; remember Ed; raise money for a good cause and have a good time.  Steve O'Brien had tunes set up; Naked Lounge offered free coffee and the Peace Panel Project was there.  We unveiled two new Panels Police & Fire Bust Budget and the Censored 2014 Peace Panel.  We handed out brochures and flyers and some good discussions.  A fun event!