Friday, January 7, 2011

Mission Statement

Howard Zinn encouraged us to support our local peace groups.

Congressional report confirms reports in The Nation magazine June 2010

Do you know Smedley Butler?

At the time of his death, Smedley was the most decorated soldier in U.S.
history.  He came to the conclusion that the U.S. military was being used by big business merely as mercenaries;  putting down peasant demands for living wages and allowing business to operate without restrictions.  Outraged at the high profits big business was achieving during war time, Smedley had a modest proposal.  Since we are asking our young men and women to make sacrifices for their "country" during war time, let us ask sacrifices of big business too.  We could pass laws that would limit corporate profits during war to less than they made during peace.  How long do you think we would be at war if corporations sacrificed too?

The Peace Panel Project's first flyer for the Univ. of Nevada show

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Peace Panel Project

The Peace Panel Project started in the Spring of '08 as an attempt by graphic designer, Charles Withuhn, to communicate with fellow citizens on issues that seemed important and under discussed and under reported.  It is currently 18 - 2'x4' panels with statements and graphics of war and peace on matching white easels.  Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Howard Zinn, Greg Mortensen, DemocracyNow!, John Quigley and others the Peace Panel Project has been well received at the World Peace March, Pastors for Peace, Pathways to Peace the Chico Peace Vigil and UNR.