Thursday, May 2, 2013

CSU Chico 5-1-13

First day of May, and The Peace Panel Project was out "in force" at CSU Chico.  A bit breezy but we had a great showing of 36 large Panels.  Chuck and I collected contact info from a dozen people who wanted to help!  Heck, a dozen is all Jesus had.  We had a great day talking to students and enjoying the day.  Chuck left his special water bottle and carrying case on the hood of the truck when he went back to get the sandbags.  He thought for sure it would be gone when I went back to the truck an hour later.  But low and behold when I arrived at the truck there it was right where he left it!  The world is a safer place than we thought.  One of our other victories was that we got the AS Bookstore the order in a box each of "Better World Shopping Guide", Nonviolent Communication, and Project Censored 2013!  That is a huge victory in our efforts to spread the good words found in those pages.

Just a reminder, for a summary of any of those books just scroll down and click on older posts.  We have featured each of those books in the past and continue to offer them at 10% OFF the marked price.  Those books have the why and how to disconnect from multinational corporations.

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