Monday, December 26, 2011

Beale Air force Base the day after Christmas 2011

The  Peace Panel Project joined Code Pink and a representative of a Grass Valley area peace group at the entrance to Beale Air force Base, at dawn 12/26/11, to catch the incoming crew with peace signs and banners.  Beale is a home to some of the drone control that has murdered civilians overseas.  Since the drone program really reduces murder to a video game we felt our presents was an important response.

After catching the morning traffic there we did a peace vigil, with our signs, on Hwy 70 in Marysville.  I was gratified by the positive response we got from most of the people driving by.

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  1. What a hysterical picture of Toby, Pat, Shirley and I in Marysville! It was a great day though and I really appreciate the Peace Panels.