Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Wildflower Music Festival 2013

Wildflower Music Festival  6/29/13

“Beautiful and poignant” were the words I overheard one of the staff of the Wildflower Music Festival 2013, use to describe the Peace Panel Project to her relatives, as she walked them past where our exhibit had just been.  Chuck, Bill and I were just finishing folding up the exhibit and it felt good to hear her say that, as I saw them walk by.  I had never thought of the Peace Panel Project in those terms, but they seemed reasonable and complimentary.   

This exhibit was a little different.  We had been asked to put on a “kid friendly” show, so we left all the real controversial and scary panels at home.  It’s interesting, as the Peace Panel Project matures, with five years under our belt, and over 70 large panels to choose from, we are able to customize each show to be appropriate to the target market.  With the goals to educate and inspire activism, now it is even more fun, to see how well we can refine our display, to appeal to a particular audience. 

We unveiled four new Panels today, Doubt Is Creative, Free Lynn Stewart, John McCain don’t join the military, Respect Ecuador, plus a major update on What Can I Do. 

From 11 am to 4:30 pm we enjoyed the fun music and kid noises in the background as we engaged attendees and other vendors, who stopped by, with our messages of peace, nonviolence, Better World Shopping and Project Censored.

We sold some books, a few peace buttons, had some good conversations, and made some great contacts with local teachers that expressed interest in our topics as the subject of a guest lecture visit to their classrooms.  It was a good day.  

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