Saturday, September 20, 2014

Farmers Market 9/20/14 What a kick!

I pedaled into the Farmers Market a little late.  I am not always the first one off the blocks.  Checked in and set up thanks to the generosity of the  Market Management.  And a lady came up and checked out the Chico Tree Advocate exhibit and almost jumped!  She was thrilled, she said, to find a program to be involved in that was new to her that would benefit the community!  She signed up her contact info and promised to write a letter right away to tell the City Council how sad she was that those trees on Mangrove got cut down.  Maybe we will see her at the City Council meeting in two Tuesdays.  Another mom came up and looked over our table and said she needed to know more about Nonviolent Communication and Better World Shopping and she bought the two books on the spot.  Pammie came by with a cup of tea for me, and

Alfa brought me a cookie.  It was a good day!

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