Thursday, October 2, 2014

Peace Panel Project's
Career Builders at Fair View High School’s “Night Out”

It was a rocking time.  Wet sponge toss at teachers; Plunkit (a carnival type game); bean bag toss; pizza; cake; cookies; music; Career Builders counter recruitment and the U.S. Army military recruiter.  I was so glad to be there to offer alternatives to the students and parents.  I just had just one easel up with Career Builders on the front and “Doubt is Creative” on one side and Project Censored on the other.  Our six foot table was full of brochures of alternative programs; counter recruitment brochures, flyers and cookies!  Students would come up and ask for a cookie and I would say they will cost you picking up two brochures; reading them and telling your friends about what you read.  It was a deal.  We got lots of takers.  As the evening wore on a sad mom came up to check out our table.  I asked her if she knew anyone who was thinking about joining the military.  She said yes, her son.  I showed her some of our alternative programs and a Career Builders brochure and her face lit up!  She was thrilled to get the info and thanked me profusely.  I knew I was doing some good!  It was a rockin’ good night.   

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