Saturday, July 11, 2015

Farmer's Market Exhibit Saturday, 7/11/15

We had a good exhibit at the Saturday Farmer's Market.  Got our old spot back under the old Magnolia Tree, after checking in with the Management.  I have made a lot of Peace Panels  (74 - 2' x 4").   I have exhibited as many as 36 Panels on 12 easels at a time.  And then it occurred to me, people don't have the time for that big of
 an exhibit.  I have Panels that grapple with big world issues.  People are already frustrated just with the challenges of their own life.  So now I am re-inventing the Peace Panel Project: Just six Panels on two easels and only local issues that people can easily plug into.  Today we featured the "Housing Saves Lives & Money" and "Chico Tree Advocates" Panels.  I'm getting a much better response.

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