Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Sunday Before

What were you doing on the Sunday morning before the election?  Izeck and I accomplished a goal I've had for years today!  We set up our "essential sequential seven" Peace Panels on the Esplanade just before you get to the Church on the Esplanade.  We had the Burma Shave peace message going on for the Sunday morning traffic .  From about 10 am to 11 am driving north on the Esplanade it read on your right, "We're Fighting 5 Wars Now!, How Many More Massacres..., Do You Want to Pay For?,  A Lot of Your Taxes Make War,  How Much of your Time Makes Peace?,  (we put a 16" x 14" post-it-note, with Remember written on it, on) Thou Shalt Not Kill,  and finally, Support Your Local Peace Group".  

Then we swapped  out the "We're Fighting 5 Wars Now" Panel for a new hand painted Panel that read, "We're Bombing 5 Countries Now!"  We thought it was a stronger statement. 

Then we sat and watched.  And it seemed like, to us, that cars were slowing down to read the Peace Panel Project (PPP) exhibit.  People were smiling and giving us the thumbs up.  Except for one guy who angrily shook his fist as he hung out the window and shouted, "That's illegal use of City property.  I'm calling the cops!"  It was a pretty conspicuous exhibit.

About 11 am the church crowd was thinning out, so Izeck and I started packing it up.  We got about 60% done and a reporter from KHSL Action News came up to me and asked if he could get a few words on camera.  So we put a few Panels back up and did a little TV interview that he said would be on the evening news.  What a bonus!

We finished packing up the PPP exhibit and I turned to Izeck and said, "Wouldn't it be great if a few actions like this actually perked up the peace movement in Northern California?  He agreed.

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