Friday, April 6, 2012

CSU Stanislaus Exhibit 2012

April 5th 2012 saw the Peace Panel Project at CSUS or "turkey tech" as some called it in it's early years.  No kidding now, the campus is very impressive, ponds and fountains and an inviting campus layout. We were set up in the shade of the campus "Peace Tree".  It was a windy day so we had to lower the panels again and position them carefully into the wind.  We had a great exhibit, many visitors and good book sales.  Dr. Elenie Opffer, Ph.D. came by and we had a fascinating discussion of the origins of Nonviolent Communication.  John Lucas a videographer, and Board Member of the Modesto Peace/Life Center, came by and interviewed me and made a video of the exhibit.  We distributed literature of the local peace group.  Hopefully getting them more volunteers.

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