Monday, April 9, 2012

Pancakes For Peace 2012

The Peace Panel Project exhibit at the Chico Peace & Justice Center's annual Pancakes For Peace fundraiser breakfast went well.  It was the first time we had the full compliment of the 30 - 2' x 4' panels (many newly revised) all out locally since we took on the  Better World Shopping Guide by Jones, and Driving Slower Saves Soldiers.  We didn't offer any books for sale because we didn't want to compete with CPJC sales.  The event was well attended and the exhibit attracted attention.  We used our new brochure holders (with "Take One" labels), for our 911 Truth hand outs, "Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine", and CPJC's new brochure and membership flyer.  Also we got to use the new petition clipboard holder attachments and we got many signatures on our two petitions.  We collected signatures to (1) Cut the military budget in half and (2) to Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine.  You can sign those petitions today at .  Check it out!

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