Sunday, November 4, 2012

Exhibits and Presentations in Reno 2012

Halloween this year saw the Peace Panel Project setting up at 9 am in front of the University of Nevada's Joe Crowley Student Union with the help from a student.  We met a teacher from Western Nevada College, in Carson City, that suggested we work together to get a PPP exhibit there.  Great idea!  I met a teacher from Morocco, Abdelaaziz, that said, I was involved in a "noble enterprise" promoting peace.  I made another contact with the Assoc. Dean of Students that may help facilitate future exhibits.  Prof. Stephen Lafer came by and invited me to address his class, and my presentation was so well received that I got applause.
The next evening I gave a presentation to a group of the Reno Quakers at their meeting house.  One of the women we met with was involved in "Be the Change".  She had two kids and talked about living successfully and voluntarily without electricity, for years!

  Leaving town, I happened to see the current Reno News & Review with an interesting cover, "America: What Went Wrong & How Do We Fix It?"  Right down my alley!  After reading the article, I sent in a letter to the Editor, suggesting we include, Reinstate the "Fairness Doctrine", reduction of military spending, NVC, Ruses for War, and Better World Shopping in the conversation, (the five main themes of the Peace Panel Project.  Click on "Older Posts" at the bottom for more info).  You can read the essay, "Peace Profit", in their on line letters to the Editor 11/8/12.
That was three successful presentations in two days encouraging local activists, spreading ideas of peace and justice.  What a good feeling.

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