Sunday, November 11, 2012

Main themes of the Peace Panel Project

The main themes of the Peace Panel Project are:
 Reinstate the U.S. “Fairness Doctrine” of 1949 – 1987; or how major media has become such a poor source of information, 
Nonviolent Communication; or how to have peace in your own life now, 
The Ruses For War; or how I became a peace activist, 
Project Censored; how “the American public has been… dumbed down by the corporate media”,
Better World Shopping; how every dollar is a vote.  And what you can do to build the movement toward peace and justice.  
Also, we collect signatures petitioning Congress to cut military spending in half, and to reinstate the “Fairness Doctrine”, or encourage viewers to check out the petitions at and sign them on line.    
Based on books we sell for 10% off the marked price:
Nonviolent Communication, by Rosenberg
Ruses For War, by Quigley
Censored 2013, by Huff and Roth
Better World Shopping Guide, by Jones
Make a donation, we will send you one.

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